Mehmet Kerem Turkcan

Columbia Electrical Engineering Ph.D. Student | mkt2126 (at) | (347) 988-0631

Greetings! I am currently pursuing a PhD in Electrical Engineering at Columbia University as a member of the Bionet group. Previously, I have completed my master's degree in Computer Science at Columbia University and my bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. I am interested in computational neuroscience, machine learning and signal processing in general. I enjoy graphic design and literary theory.

In the last few years, I have worked on the applications of machine learning to a variety of problems. I have designed and implemented methods to utilize thermal images to augment vulnerability prediction models for ConEd New York infrastructure. I have worked on a project to build a successor to Google's discontinued Google Flu Trends service. I have prototyped methods for automatic agricultural data extraction from images. I have taken part in research projects seeking to build novel approaches for cross-modal face recognition. You can find my resume here.